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HopeKids (age 3 – grade 5) on Saturday, September 11, 2021 @ 5:00 PM

Please register for the service time(s) your family attends during the year. Note: you can select more than one service time.
*Child's Goes By Name:
*Child's Gender:
*Child's Date of Birth:
*Child's Fall 2021 Grade:
*Does your child have any allergies?:
If yes please list allergies:
*Does your child have any medical concerns?:
Please list medical concerns:
*Hope’s One Body Special Needs Ministry provides one-on-one support for behavioral, medical, health or developmental assistance for children during HopeKids. Would your child benefit from a one-on-one volunteer with our special needs ministry? 
If your child would benefit from One Body, please list needs here:
If your child would like to be with a friend in the same grade please tell us full name of friend:
Parent Information
*Parent’s Name:
*Parent’s Preferred Phone Number:
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As a parent/guardian, we would love to have you join us during HopeKids! Would you be interested in learning more about volunteering with HopeKids?